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◆A Petit House Project

  A Petit House Project    This time, I worked on1 Tasha’s feeding platform2.    It’s a chair in my teaching room. Actually, to use the dead space3 in the room, I put two old chairs next to each other — which we don’t use any more.     Since Ichigo likes nibbling4 Tasha’s cat [...]

◆House Project — 2017 Summer

  House Project — 2017 Summer    Here it comes again! Another house project! This summer, we worked on the floor.  It’s been on our mind1, expecially on Will’s mind, for a long time. He had been saying, "Let’s change the carpet on our own2. Maybe we can do this and that…", and I always [...]


  Smooth!     From a very practical point of view1, our house was improved2 recently and we have a very comfortable life now. My recent house project was —- fixing a window and a door!     There is always something in a house that is not perfect but somehow we learn to get [...]

◆House Project — Summer 2016 (2)

House Project — Summer 2016 (2)       Because there was a "1" in the title last time, you probably guessed there would be a "2" this time. And you were right! I’m going to talk about another house project.        During the Obon break, I also worked on the doors in [...]

◆House Project — Summer 2016 (1)

House Project — Summer 2016 (1)       Finally I finished the staircase1 project! To be correct,2 only the upper half, but probably I’m not going to work on the bottom half because it still looks okay.        This time, for Obon break, I decided to finish up3 restaining4 the upper half [...]