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  Finally!       Literally1, am I enjoying food(Dango) rather than enjoying flowers at the cherryblossom party?( A Japanese proverb2 "Hana yori Dango" )       I was sooooo excited to have these beautiful Dango for myself!! I went to the shop five times and finally I was able to buy them. Look [...]

◆Family Reunion

  Family Reunion      This weekend, my uncle came to visit us. He lives far from us. He traveled all the way1 from the foot of2 Mt. Fuji by himself. He is over 80, but he can still move around3 alone. (That’s amazing! Especially since my dad was not as energetic as him and [...]

◆Xmas in Summer?

  Xmas in Summer?    Yesterday was that kind of day… I got presents from people!  One present was biscuits1 from France. One of the students in my French class gave them to me. They were a souvenir from Reims. Reims is in the Champagne district2. Yes, they produce champagne3! She told me people dip [...]

◆Horse or Hippo?

Horse or Hippo?                      Last Sunday, I took a Spanish exam. Before the exam, I had to pound a lot of Spanish words into my head1. Since I don’t have a good memory now, unless2 the new words have something in common3 with English or French, [...]


Ampersand    Did you know? The sign & has a name . I got to know1 that recently, and so did Will2. (To be correct3, Will was first.)  Recently, it seems that Will bumped into4 this topic somehow, and he was talking about it in the car. I went "Wow!."   That symbol’s name is ampersand.  [...]