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◆I Am Excited!

  I Am Excited!       I usually write a blog AFTER something interesting or special happens, but this time, it’s different. You know why? Because there is an event coming which I am so excited about!     This coming Sunday, I’m going to audit1 saxophone lessons by one of Japan’s greatest saxophone [...]

◆Will’s Find(2)

    Will’s Find(2)     Following the last blog, Will found another treasure1! — A bird nest. His life seems exciting, getting finds one after another2!        He said he found this while he was cleaning bird houses for their new nesting season.     Will put it on the shelf next [...]

◆Will’s Find

    Will’s Find     Look at this! Do you know what it is?         An old Japanese coin, Kan-ei Tsu-ho from the Edo era1. The other day, after Ichigo’s walk, Will found it just in the dirt2 next to our house.     Unfortunately, it was bent3 and split4, but actually [...]


  Finally!       Literally1, am I enjoying food(Dango) rather than enjoying flowers at the cherryblossom party?( A Japanese proverb2 "Hana yori Dango" )       I was sooooo excited to have these beautiful Dango for myself!! I went to the shop five times and finally I was able to buy them. Look [...]

◆Family Reunion

  Family Reunion      This weekend, my uncle came to visit us. He lives far from us. He traveled all the way1 from the foot of2 Mt. Fuji by himself. He is over 80, but he can still move around3 alone. (That’s amazing! Especially since my dad was not as energetic as him and [...]