My Car Project


My Car Project



   We are driving a pretty old friend — a forester (I love this name!). Starting a few months ago, our buddy started to make a sqeeky sound from the engine area, and I took it to our car dealer recently and had it fixed.


  The engine belt is supposed to be changed after driving ten thousand kilometers. At the last car check-up (Shaken), we were talking about the possibility of changing our car if he could find a good used one, but changing the belt to a new one now means that we had better drive the car a bit longer.


  Now we decided to drive our old buddy a bit longer. It is kind of strange. After we made this decision, we are more attached to it. So I wanted to take care of it and started to think what I can do (without spending a lot of money!).


  The first thing I tried was making the old-looking yellowish foggy headlight covers look better. First, I went on to YouTube and saw a video of a guy trying tooth paste, bathtub detergent, and a real polishing product. He said the first two worked pretty well. However, our car is quite old and when I tried tooth paste, it was not strong enough. So I bought a real product. I sandpapered the surface with a really fine sandpaper and put on a polishing liquid.


  In the photo it is a little hard to see, but that made the difference! Can you see the right one which I worked on is clearer? Maybe next time I’m going to try a coating product.



  My next challenge will be the front metalic part that is highlighted in blue. I have to be very careful working on that spot because it is going to stand out. I haven’t started this project yet, but I’m ready! Ta-da!! I already bought the stuff.


  Since it is really bad now, I’m sure it will be an improvement even though I can’t make it perfect. It is going to be my Obon break project!



1 downstairs  : 下の階で・に
2 upstairs  : 上の階で・に
3 pass by  : 通り過ぎる
4 struggle  : もがく・奮闘する
5 doodle : 落書きをする
6 cuddle ~ : ~に倒れ掛かる
7 sweet : 優しい・愛らしい
8 identical  : ぴったり同じ
9 crack 人 up  : ~を笑わせる
10 lick ~ : ~を舐める
11 face away from ~ : ~から顔をそむける
12 snuggle : ほっとする
13 lean over ~ : ~に寄りかかる
14 cutie : カワイ子ちゃん




  私たちは結構古い友達(車)— フォレスターに乗っています。(この名前気に入っています!森の住人、森を守る人)数ヶ月前からこの相棒がエンジンあたりからキーキー音を鳴らし始まって、お世話になっている車屋さんに持って行き直してもらいました。









































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