My Super Food for Summer


My Super Food for Summer



   This summer, I found a super food for the summer! Just thinking that it is sitting in the freezer makes me push myself until the last class at night. That magic food is….. Ta-da!!


  I often lose my appetite1 in the summer, so it’s a problem to keep my energy up. When we are experiencing this scorching2 heat, I struggle to eat3 every day and eating is not fun. I look for some food that makes me want to eat.


  This summer I tried the pear flavored4 Gari Gari kun for the first time. I knew that this flavor is popular, but I had never tried it. It was perfect to soothe my thirst5 and stimulated6 my appetite!


  … but then came August 2!! On my way home from work I dropped by7 a conveniece store thinking about buying pear Gari Gari kun, but Unbeknownst to8 me, this was was the first day they released a new flavor — pink grapefruit "adult" Gari Gari kun!  I imagined right there the taste of pink grapefruit and the combination of the taste and the shaved ice9 texture. No doubt! It’s gotta be good! I zeroed in on10 it and grabbed11 two.


  At night, we had it. We almost howled12 with surprise and joy. It was super good! Since then, I almost always try to have some in the freezer. 


 Sometimes, for a change, I switch to the pear flavor and sometimes the "adult" golden pineapple flavor. I feel that my day is not perfect without it. Even when it was slightly13 cool because of the typhoons, I had 5 or 6 bites14 after a shower every night. I now know that this year the "adult" pear flavor also came out. I have tried several stores, but I haven’t found it yet. My Gari Gari kun adventure will continue! 

1 appetite  : 食欲
2 scorching  : 焼け付くような
3 struggle to do  : ~しようと闘う
4 ~ flavored  : ~味の
5 soothe one’s throat : ~の喉の渇きを癒す
6 stimulate ~ : ~を刺激する
7 drop by ~ : ~に立ち寄る
8 unbeknown to : ~に知られないで
9 shaved ice  : かき氷
10 zero in on 
: ~に狙いを定める
11 grab : ~をサッと取る
◆12 howl : 遠吠えのように声を上げる
13 slightly : 若干
14 bite : (食べ物の)一口





  この夏、私は夏のスーパーフードを見つけました!それが冷凍庫にあると考えるだけで、夜の最後のクラスまで乗り切れます。その魔法の食べ物とは…. こちら!
























 でもそのあと、運命の8月2日がやって来ます!仕事帰りに、あの梨のガリガリ君を買おうとコンビニに寄りました。でも、私も知らなかったのですが、その日はガリガリ君の新しい味 — 大人なピンクグレープフルーツ味の発売日だったんです!お店でピンクグレープフルーツの味そのものと、その味がシャリシャリ感とマッチングしたことを想像しました。間違いなく美味しいはず!それに狙いを定め、2つ握りしめました。


















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