Tasha and Ichigo Time


Tasha and Ichigo Time



   If you have been inside our living room, you have seen Ichigo, our dog, sitting in her regular spot and sleeping by herself. As you know, we have one more family member, Tasha, the Cat. Usually, Ichigo stays downstairs1 and Tasha stays upstairs2.



  Today, I’ll show you how they spend their time

(Oops! Tasha passed by3 and stepped on the keyboard. She always stays close to me, so I struggle4 doing my work. Usually I erase her doodling5, but today since I’m talking about her, I’ll leave it.)


  So today, I’ll show you how they spend their time together at night in the living room, which you probably haven’t seen — even if you’ve visited our house. 




  They are good friends! Sometimes at night Tasha joins Ichigo on Ichigo’s bed — she wants to be with her. Especially when she is in the mood to be cuddled6, she becomes really sweet7 to her big sis. 



  Here are some of recent photos. When I was relaxing on the couch in the living room, I noticed that there were two cute identical8 bottoms next to each other. It cracked me up9!


  After a while, they changed their position, but they were still lying next to each other.


  Then the next moment Tasha was sleeping, putting her chin on Ichigo’s arm.


  After that, Tasha was licking10 Ichigo for a while.



  Then they were sleeping, facing away from11 each other, but still in a snuggling12 position.


  At the end when I saw them, Tasha was leaning over13 Ichigo’s face, but still they looked happy together. 



  Often at the end ofthe day, I spend some peaceful time in the living room, looking at our cuties14 spending their peaceful time together! I’m so glad they are here with us.



1 downstairs  : 下の階で・に
2 upstairs  : 上の階で・に
3 pass by  : 通り過ぎる
4 struggle  : もがく・奮闘する
5 doodle : 落書きをする
6 cuddle ~ : ~に倒れ掛かる
7 sweet : 優しい・愛らしい
8 identical  : ぴったり同じ
9 crack 人 up  : ~を笑わせる
10 lick ~ : ~を舐める
11 face away from ~ : ~から顔をそむける
12 snuggle : ほっとする
13 lean over ~ : ~に寄りかかる
14 cutie : カワイ子ちゃん
1&2 副詞で使われているので、「~で・に」まで含みます!sが付くこともお忘れなく。






























































































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