Welcome! It’s open.

Welcome ! It’s open.

  We started this "Let’s make our homepage" project a while ago, and finally it’s READY !!

  Thanks to our web designer, we can present1 our home business in a very nice way, which "somebody" in the family called "deception2." ― "It doesn’t look like our house. It’s too nice." Oh well, that’s the magic of a camera, isn’t it?

  Anyway, our house is just a house in your neighborhood. So, please feel relaxed and join us.

  We hope people visit this homepage, not only to find an English class, but also as a station to learn English by reading this blog written in both English and Japanese, and checking the mail magazine to expand your vocabulary3 as well.  Or even, just to check the photos of flowers. I’m going to change them occasionally. You can see what our garden is like.

  Speaking of the garden, at the end, we were laugh4ing that maybe some new students might come to our house, thinking5 that we have a garden like Tasha Tudor’s because again the photos show our plants so nicely.  The reality is that we have a garden just the right size to take care of ― in other words, the size of a cat’s forehead ! ( From a Japanese expression. )

  Our garden has a lot of small discoveries and we hope you’ll feel the same way about our web page, too!!

◆1   present  : ~を見せる 
◆2   deception : だますこと。詐欺
◆3   expand one’s vocabulary : 語彙を増やす
◆4   laugh (that) ~ : ~を笑いながら話す
◆5   S+V, ~ing : ~しながら、




ウェブデザイナーさんのお陰で、とても素敵に私たちのビジネスをお見せすることが出来るようになりました。家族の「だれかさん」 は、「自分たちの家ではないみたい。素敵すぎる。」と言って、詐欺だと言いましたが。まあ、これもカメラの魔法ですね!?







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