◆A Surprise from My Cousin


A Surprise from My Cousin

  Recently I got a belated1 Xmas present (that’s what she called it — I would love it whatever2 the occasion!) from my cousin. A very thoughful3 present — 2 music CDs! One is Jazz and the other one is Bossa Nova.
  She was in a hospital during Christmas time last year. She lives in another prefecture, so I don’t see her often. While she was in the hospital, I often exchaged massages with her on LINE and sent some photos to show life outside the hospital. And also, when I got to know4 that her family could visit to see her, I sent a little Christmas present to her family and asked them to hand5 it to her.
  You know, a long long time ago Will was in the hospital for 10 months when he had lymphoma6. So I know how boring it is to stay in the hospital and how hard it is to keep up7 your spirits there. That’s why I wanted to give her some source of Genki from me as a gift for Christmas.
  Now she is back8 home, and still sometimes we communicate on LINE. She remembered that I mentioned that I sometimes listen to Jazz and Bossa Nosa and sent me the CDs in return9 for my small Christmas present. 
  So I often play them while I’m doing my school prep at night. It’s so soothing to listen to nice music at the end of the day and so nice to feel her kindness through the music. I sometimes hum some cool phrases, dreaming that some day I will be able to improvise10 and play music like that…. yes, someday!


1 belated : 遅れた
2 whatever S + V : Sが何をVしようとも
3 thoughtful : 心のこもった、よく考えた
4 get to know : ~を知る
5 hand : ~を手渡す
6 lymphoma : 悪性リンパ腫
7 keep up : ~を維持する
8 be back : 戻っている
9 in return : お返しに
10 improvise : 即興で演奏する

2 Whatever S + V のVが be 動詞ぐらいですと、Whatever the occasion is と言っても悪くはないのですが、スルッと省略してしまった方が耳には自然に聞こえます。省略できるのは be 動詞だと特に積極的に伝えてくるメッセージがないと理解すると良いと思います。





 最近、1ヵ月遅いクリスマスプレゼント(従妹がそう呼んだだけで、私はどんなプレゼントだろうと嬉しいです!)が届きました。とても私のことを考えて選んでくれたのが分かるプレゼント — 2枚のCD!一つはジャズで、もう一つはボサノバ。





































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