◆Enjoying Life Inside


Enjoying Life Inside

  In the cold winter we have to find something we can enjoy inside the house. Now we sometimes hear "Hygge" in Danish1, meaning a nice and comfortable atmosphere or time. 
  My life is a bit far from2 that kind of life, but my hygge is…
  taking care of the plants in my room quietly.
  I love having plants around me and I do have a lot. Right now outside is so cold, so I put a lot of plants from outside in my room. Especially at this time of the year, my room is like a nursery3.
  Here I will show you some cute and funny friends of mine:
  The first one is what I call "Kune kune-chan"4. As you can see in the photo, the stem goes zigzag as it grows. I found this at a home center and I fell in love with5 this funny shape and brought it home. Since then, maybe 10 years ago?, it never stops zigzaging!
  The next one is the one that came to my house last summer. The little kid bulbs6 on the mother plant are getting big slowly. I would like to separate them and plant them individually. I had a similar one before but when I separated them, the babies didn’t grow. Not only that, eventually7 they died. So right now I’m just enjoying them as they are.
  Since I have many different kinds of succulents8, cactuses and leafy plants, me and my students often talk about plants, and sometimes we even exchange plants. My students learn words like "annual", "perennial", "variegated", not to mention9 "succulents" which are all around us in our study room!

1 Danish : デンマーク語
2 far from ~  : ~から程遠い
3 nursery  : 苗屋・園芸店
4 what S + V : SがVするもの・こと
◆5 fall in love with ~ : ~に一目惚れする
◆6 bulb : 球(状のもの)
7 eventually : だんだんに
8 succulent : 多肉植物
9 not to mention ~ : ~は言うまでもなく
1 デンマークは Denmark。形容詞・名詞で Denish。形容詞「デンマーク(語・人)の」名詞「デンマーク語」。人で使う時は、The Denish / Denish people となることに注意。皆さん何となく知っているぅで適当に言ってしまうのではなく、しっかり the + ~ か ~ people で言えるようにしましょう
!だから、「日本人」は the Japanese / Japanese People となります。
8 bulb は「球」の形状のものにいろいろ使われています。「球根」や「電球」(a light bulb)なども意味にも使われますよ。










































































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