Monthly Archives: 7月 2012

◆Itsy-bitsy Spider 2

Itsy-bitsy Spider 2       The second interesting thing from our garden is ・・・ "What kind of thread are you using?"     I gave it a double take. What on earth? I’ve never seen such thick spider’s thread. From its thickness and flatness, it looked like a special thread that we use for [...]

◆Itsy-bitsy Spider

Itsy-bitsy Spider !                                          I sometimes "walk around" in the garden (which is actually really so small that with just 10 steps I can go around it)  and I take some photos of our plants and flowers [...]

◆The First Tomatoes of the Season

The First Crop of the Season                                          "Do you want to see something special?"   This morning, while I was making my lunch to bring to work, Will came into the kitchen with his hands closed with [...]