Monthly Archives: 9月 2012

◆Long Time No See!

Long Time No See !       I have several groups of old friends with whom I try to meet annually. ( Yeah, with old friends we need a little conscious effort to keep in contact1. )    Yesterday, I met two of my old friends from university. Usually, I’m the one who gets [...]

◆Belated Summary of Our Summer 2

Belated Summary of Our Summer 2     continued ・・・     Even though I call it a "belated" summer report by the calendar, wasn’t it amazing that just until recently we had weather like summer? The heat of this summer was really something, huh? Now I’m so glad that it finally started cooling down. [...]


An Extra!(CINNABON)       Originally, I was planning to  update my blog with the second part of "a summary of our summer," but I’ve just gotten a great thing from our guests who just came from the states. Please excuse me for issuing1 an "extra edition" at this moment2.     The reason is [...]