Monthly Archives: 5月 2013

◆Bird Report 3

Bird Report 3                          It’s been a while1 since the last time we had a bird report. This time, I’ll show you a couple2 of birds that we can see at the Hirose River right in front of our house.     The first one is this!       A kite3! Isn’t it [...]

◆The Season of Flowers

The Season of Flowers                          Finally it is a perfect season to enjoy gardening! Our garden is full of colors now.          These are the flowers that I bought during Golden Week. Remember? Every year I go out1 and have a flower shopping spree2 with my friend.( →See the blog last [...]

◆The Power of Kids

The Power of Kids                          On Sunday, we went to see my mom with a present for Mother’s Day.  When I was walking just 10 meters from the car to the gate of the house, I noticed a big difference — some children’s voices. Their cheerful voices made me smile.    They came from [...]