Monthly Archives: 2月 2014

◆My Energy Source — Red Plants(1)

My Energy Source — Red Plants(1)     In this cold and gloomy1 weather (Luckily the last two days haven’t been so cold.), there was one plant that kept me saying "Wow!" all through2 the season.           Why? Because it stayed bright red3 all the winter. The color of its leaves [...]

◆Our Friend’s Artwork

Our Friend’s Artwork     Starting today1, there is an arts and crafts2 event at Mitsukoshi department store in Sendai. Our friend from Canada, who has been our friend for 16 years, is showing her work there along with3 many other artists.    I visited her today.                    She mainly [...]

◆Snow Snow Snow!

Snow Snow Snow!     We had such an amazing snow storm1, huh? Adults were busy clearing2 snow from the roads, and kids were busy making snowmen and snow huts. Our neighbors’ kids made 2 snow huts and proudly showed them to me.     Of course too much snow makes our life hard, but if [...]