Monthly Archives: 3月 2014

◆Good Bye to the Winter Birds

Good Bye to the Winter Birds   Well, it’s almost spring, or it IS spring. Before we flip1 the calendar to April, let me quickly update our winter bird talk.          It’s almost time for them to head to colder lands. As of March 242, they were still there. On that day, [...]

◆He Made Them Again

He Made Them again!   Finally I can mention1 it on my blog.      It’s been a week since White Day. Will has been giving little cupcakes to his students who gave him some chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Starting2 on March 14, it continued for a week. If some students read this blog, it [...]

◆My Energy Source — Red Plants(2)

My Energy Source — Red Plants(2)   … and one more thing! (continued from the last blog)   Speaking of1 a red-colored plant, about three weeks ago, I bought red tulips. I really wanted to have something that could brighten up2 my feelings and give me some energy through this long winter. (I’m not a [...]