Monthly Archives: 5月 2014

◆Nesting Birds

Nesting Birds!         The second representative of the avian1 residents in our neighborhood is shijyukara, a great tit. (This is quite a strange name. It’s almost too weird2 to explain here, so I’ll leave it to you. f(^-^;) ) Will got a bird house through his friend and put it up3 on a [...]


◆お問い合わせをご検討の方へ◆                        HPをご覧頂きありがとうございます。   新年度が始まり、新しいスケジュールを組んで参りましたが、あいにくこの辺で新しい方をお迎えすることが難しくなってしまいました。   お問い合わせには、いつでも対応しておりますが、その点をお含み頂いた上で、ご連絡くださいますようお願い申し上げます。   開始時期をお待ち頂ける場合は、順にご案内して参りますので、その旨をお伝えください   ご不便をお掛けして大変申し訳ありません。     引き続き〈ブログ〉や〈メールマガジン〉を通して、間接的ではありますが、皆さまの英語学習のお役に立つことが出来るよう努力していきたいと思っております。 どうぞ、ときどきこちらのHPを覗いて、英語磨きにご活用ください。                   Will & Rie      

◆Singing Birds

Singing Birds!   Recently, around our house, there is a lot of bird activity. First, the representative1 of the singing group is Gabicho, a very interesting bird.       As you can see, their eyes are quite distinctive2 with all the theater make-up. Today Will caught him with his camera while it was singing.(Too [...]

◆The Shopping Spree!

The Shopping Spree!   As I mentioned in the last blog, we went for our Grand Flower Shopping Spree1 during Golden Week. "WE" means not my family but me and my friend.      For me, buying flowers is way2 more fun than buying clothes or anything else. Before I talk about anything, can you [...]