Monthly Archives: 7月 2014

◆What hands can make

What hands can make     I have introduced our friend who paints and makes jewelry before. (→see our blog on February 21, 2014 and October 6, 2013 ) The other day, she had another show, and I visited there.     When I went into the place, right away a very nice atmosphere1 struck2 [...]

◆An Avian Visitor

An Avian1 Visitor                Last night, this cute baby swallow visited us. Oh, boy! It was such a sweet, very modest2 little guest.     This time again(I’ll explain this later), our dog, Ichigo, was an important key! On the way back from the night walk, Ichigo found this [...]

◆Fresh from the Garden

Fresh from the Garden              It is time to enjoy some "edible1" things from our garden! Not just looking at flowers, but we can enjoy the practical2 use of the garden.     Actually, we don’t have that many edible things in our garden, but we do have some berries. The [...]


◆お問い合わせをご検討の方へ◆                        HPをご覧頂きありがとうございます。   先日お知らせ致しましたように、私どものスケジュールがいっぱいになり、現在新しい方をお迎えすることができません。   開始時期を待てる方は、その点をご理解頂いた上でご連絡頂いておりましたが、今の時点で5名お待ちになっております。   この時点で既にお待ち頂く時間が長くなるのが予想されます。どうぞその点を含んだ上でご検討なさいますようお願い申しあげます。 もちろん、ご質問等にはいつでも対応致しますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。                Will & Rie