Monthly Archives: 11月 2014

◆What I learned from Will’s Cooking!

What I learned from Will’s Cooking!       It’s fun to bump into1 some great idea!     This happened when Will fixed2 some salad for breakfast. Since he didn’t like to be bothered to3 cut carrots, after peeling a carrot with a peeler, he kept peeling the carrot. When I first saw that, [...]

◆Swans Arrived!

Swans Arrived!       On the 14 of this month, the first bunch of1 swans came to the Hirose River. I had already heard that some had come to Sendai — Will said he saw some in the swamps2 when he went out for bird watching. One of my students also said she glimpsed3 [...]

◆Birds Around Us Now

Birds Around Us Now (written by Will)      We birders1 (and many others who enjoy looking outside!) are seeing the many winter visitors who call Sendai home during the colder time of the year.       The Daurian Redstart (Jobitaki) arrived a few weeks ago with their piping2 call3 that’s so easy to recognize if you listen for it. Here’s a [...]