Monthly Archives: 8月 2016

◆House Project — Summer 2016 (2)

House Project — Summer 2016 (2)       Because there was a "1" in the title last time, you probably guessed there would be a "2" this time. And you were right! I’m going to talk about another house project.        During the Obon break, I also worked on the doors in [...]

◆House Project — Summer 2016 (1)

House Project — Summer 2016 (1)       Finally I finished the staircase1 project! To be correct,2 only the upper half, but probably I’m not going to work on the bottom half because it still looks okay.        This time, for Obon break, I decided to finish up3 restaining4 the upper half [...]

◆Ichigo on a Diet

Ichigo on a Diet       About 2 months ago, I took our dog, Ichigo, to the vet1. He told me that her liver was not functioning2 well and so we have to seriously (this time seriously! — We had been told several times before) work on getting her to lose weight.        [...]