Monthly Archives: 3月 2017

◆Enjoying the Night Sky in the House

Enjoying the Night Sky — in the House     Will has been working on a house cleaning project1 on his own2 for a while. When people do this, the main purpose is to throw things away, but sometimes people find something unexpected or forgotten.     In his case3, he found our old home [...]

◆A Sensational Experience

A Sensational Experience     I know the name of this fruit and I like the taste of this fruit (becuase I’ve had it in juice), but I hadn’t actually seen it or cut it in my hand1 — blood oranges. Have you?     I got one blood orange by chance2. It seemed like [...]

◆Bird Tour

Bird Tour     Recently, one of Will’s students asked Will to take her and her husband and their friends out to the Hirose River for a bird tour. Oh, Will was really happy about that.     He made a handout1 so that each person would have a bird guide in their hands2, and [...]