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Birds’ Life around Me

  Birds’ Life around Me          It was getting warmer, but now we have cold and rainy days. Of course, it is not much fun for spring, but I have 2 reasons to appreciate1 this. One! Cherry blossom season will be pushed a bit later. Two! The swans in the Hirose River [...]

Our Thanksgiving

  Our Thanksgiving          Recently even in Japan we often hear the term1 Black Friday and many shops had Black Friday last week. Now we know that Black Friday means a big sale (which actually means the start of Xmas2 shopping). Do you know Black Friday starts right after Thanksgiving, which is [...]

Welcome Back to the Hirose River!

  Welcome Back to the Hirose River!          On November 7, when I was riding a bike along the Hirose River, I did a double take1 at 2 big white lumps2 in the river. I thought no way — they can’t be swans, but yes! They were.  Swans already arrived! Amazing! It’s [...]

The Babies Flew Away!!

  The Babies Flew Away!!          Since I wrote the stories of the bulbul raising kids, I think I should finish it. The babies grew up big and strong1 and they left the nest. It’s been a while since they left, but here I’ll tell you what happened.      After they [...]

Babies were born!!

  Babies were born!!          After I wrote the last blog, the mama bulbul laid 2 more eggs, and as we read on the Internet, the mama bulbul started warming the eggs in the nest after she laid1 the fifth one, which was on Saturday, the 18th.     I cut a [...]