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We Are with You!

  We Are with You!         This week-end, it was really hot! It’s nice to see some blue sky between rainy days. However, I have one big concern1 when we have summer-like weather like this (apart from my migraine2!). That is a lonely swan who lives in the Hirose River.          [...]

Birds’ Life around Me

  Birds’ Life around Me          It was getting warmer, but now we have cold and rainy days. Of course, it is not much fun for spring, but I have 2 reasons to appreciate1 this. One! Cherry blossom season will be pushed a bit later. Two! The swans in the Hirose River [...]

Our Thanksgiving

  Our Thanksgiving          Recently even in Japan we often hear the term1 Black Friday and many shops had Black Friday last week. Now we know that Black Friday means a big sale (which actually means the start of Xmas2 shopping). Do you know Black Friday starts right after Thanksgiving, which is [...]

Welcome Back to the Hirose River!

  Welcome Back to the Hirose River!          On November 7, when I was riding a bike along the Hirose River, I did a double take1 at 2 big white lumps2 in the river. I thought no way — they can’t be swans, but yes! They were.  Swans already arrived! Amazing! It’s [...]

The Babies Flew Away!!

  The Babies Flew Away!!          Since I wrote the stories of the bulbul raising kids, I think I should finish it. The babies grew up big and strong1 and they left the nest. It’s been a while since they left, but here I’ll tell you what happened.      After they [...]