Some Cute Things in Our Life


Some Cute Things in Our Life


  It is already mid-December1. Time flies!

  I’m sure everybody feels hectic2, thinking that we have to do this and that before the end of the year.


  In this hectic time of the year, the other day I bumped into3 a very heartwarming4 thing. I quickly ran into the post office to buy some New Year’s Cards. I came back to the car and started the engine. I was going to go back to the road and carefully looked out to see if anybody was walking on the sidewalk5. There was nobody walking on the street, but someone was looking at me!!


  I like it so much! There is a worker in this post office who has this kind of humor and they let him/her do this! — I though that this post office must be a fun place to work. I’m sure they must be nice people. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming mailbox with the community!


  Speaking of fun things, in the fall another fun thing struck me when I visited a certain high school. I like it when we can enjoy our life this way. (I’m glad I kept this photo!)  


  It’s nice to know that there are some people who want to share fun moments and make us happy — Thank you!!




  p.s. Do you remember that I was talking about harvesting6 things in the last blog? This picture shows some of the potates Will grew. Will harvested all his potatoes about 10 days ago and now we started eating them!






1 mid-(month) : ~月中旬 
hectic : バタバタする
3 heartwarming : 心温まる
4 bump into ~ : ~に出くわす

5 sidewalk
: 大切な・貴重な
6 harvest : ~を収穫する
5 a sidewalk のついでに、
  a crosswalk は「横断歩道」
  an overpass は「歩道橋」です!


































 こういうの好きだな~!こういう遊び心がある人がこの郵便局にいて、周りも(ボスも?)それをOKにしてくれる — きっとここは良い雰囲気の職場なんだろうなぁ。良い人たちが働いているんだろうなぁと思いました。こんな心温まるものを地域と分かち合ってくれてありがとうございます!





















 楽しいひとときを共有して、人を楽しませようとしてくれる人がいるっていいですね — ありがとうございます!








 p.s. 前回のブログで収穫したもにについてお話ししたのを覚えていますか?こちらの写真、ウィルが育てたジャガイモの一部です。10日ほど前にウィルがジャガイモ全部掘り起こしてくれて、食べ始まったところです!



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