The Answer to the New Year’s Riddle


The Answer to the New Year’s Riddle1


      Happy New Year!!



  Here is the answer to2 the riddle on our New Year’s Card : What kind of room has no walls, no windows and no doors?

  a mushroom!!


  Did you get it right? Some cards (not all — sorry!) have a clue in the picture. Did you notice it?




  Today as usual we went to my mom’s house to spend New Year’s day3 together and had New Year’s dishes4, which my mom says will probably the last time to make them. She has been saying that every year for the last 10 years at least. lol5 ! (^-^)


  It is great to enjoy my mom’s homemade New Year’s dishes showing that she is still in good shape6.

  Wishing you a wonderful 2023!



1 riddle : なぞなぞ
2 the answer to ~ : ~の(に対する)答え
3 New Year’s Day : 元旦
New Year’s dishes : お節料理

5 lol = laugh out loud(笑)
be in good shape : 元気にしている
















 私たちの新年のなぞなぞ「壁も窓もドアもない room はどんな room でしょう?」 の答えは…


  a mushroom でした!






 今日はいつものように、一緒に元旦を過ごすために私の母の家へ行き、お節料理を頂いて来ました。そのお節料理というもの、たぶん作るのはこれで最後になるわと母が言っています。少なくともここ10年はそれを毎年聞いています。笑 (^-^)










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