The Crows


The Crows (by Will)


  I have been feeding my crows in front of my house for more than a year. I have been watching them and have learned a lot about their lives. They have their nest at about 3/4 of the way up the big tower near my house. So my house is about dead center1 of their territory. I know that they had a baby and were a family of three for a while, but now the baby flew away.
  I have read stories about people who feed crows and the crows get very tame2 and bring the people presents like bits of metal and jewelry and things like that. So I started to feed the crows and hoped that I’d have this wonderful relationship with my black-winged friends. 
  Well, no. Of course the crows are happy to eat the food I put out (I give them dry dog food) but even after more than a year they are not tame yet, much less bring me presents.

They do recognize me, and come sit3 on the telephone wires when I am outside, expecting me to give them some food.
So starting a month ago, I decided to turn up the pressure. I decided to insist that the guys come down to me BEFORE I put out any food.

So I went outside and they came to the wires, and I called them.  Of course they didn’t come down because I didn’t put down food. So I went back inside.
I felt a little bad.

  Now I go out and they come down to the wires. Then I call my crows. They come down close to me! I put out the food as a reward4!
Hey, we’ve taken the next step! They regularly come down when I call them now, and that is kind of fun.
  Then what I’m waiting for now is they will realize "Hey! In return for food let’s bring this guy some presents!"
(This is an old photo. I’ll replace it when I get a good one!)



1 dead center : ど真ん中
get tame : 飼いならされる
◆3 come sit = come (and) sit
◆4 a reward : ご褒美





































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