Monthly Archives: 3月 2015

◆One Sunday Afternoon in Spring

One Sunday Afternoon in Spring        Finally, spring is here! Just simply it’s getting warm and some nice bright sunlight is warming our faces — that’s enough to make us feel happy, isn’t it?     This Sunday, the weather lured me out of1 the house, I went out to play tennis for [...]

◆Little Fun Things around Me!(2)

Little Fun Things around Me! (2)        The last time I talked about the little plants in my room, I showed the little plant spinning thread. About a month has passed, now it is double in size1! … and at that time a baby bud on another plant which was just a dot [...]

◆Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!(by Will)       It’s a bit colder outside while I write this, but it’s been warm lately. There are daffodils1 coming up and many signs of spring…     But I’m mostly interested in birds. Just the other day, I heard my first Bush Warbler2 singing – and he was [...]