Monthly Archives: 5月 2012

◆Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse       It’s been a week since people in Japan enjoyed the mysterious phenominon1. ( I couldn’t update my blog because our card reader was broken. Now I got a new one, so I’m ready to put the photos up! )    We also enjoyed the solar eclipse ! In our case, [...]

◆Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers       For Mother’s Day, I got some dark and light pink carnations and black 4-leaf clovers. On the morning of any festive event, my family always puts some flowers on the table in the living room.    The flowers were of course very pretty and I loved them, but I [...]

◆Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree ( A late report )                                                     Just like many other people in Japan, I always look forward to Golden Week.There are many reasons for waiting for Golden Week, but every year I have one specific unchanged plan for Golden Week— a shopping [...]