Monthly Archives: 4月 2013

◆A Teeny Tiny World vs. A Gigantic World

A Teeny Tiny World vs. A Gigantic World                          One of my friends, who reads my English-Japanese blog (Thank you! ), said to me, "You know what? The ginko1 trees around here have started shooting their sprouts2 and the baby leaves are already in the shape of ginko leaves. They are so cute, so [...]


Coming home to Seattle 4                          What a fun encouter1 I had !!!      Next to the "shaggy" cow farm, there is a pen2 for horses. Again like the shaggy cows, if we are lucky, we can see horses browsing3 on the green grass. Today when we drove by4, that happened. So I [...]


Coming home to Seattle 3                          On the weekend, all the family got together1 at Will’s sister’s house.     This is Easter, so the 3 kids in the family enjoyed an Easter basket hunt (most families have an Easter egg hunt). We combined Easter with a birthday party for Will’s sister’s daughter, his [...]