Monthly Archives: 8月 2012

◆A Summary of Our Summer

A Summary of Our Summer       Scorching heat1 and no rain dried up the Hirose River. How long more do we have to manage to live with this torture2! That’s enough3 now. Yes, that’s enough.     Well, since we felt that August just disappeared without any fun summer activities, I want to [...]

◆Bathroom Tissue Holder

Bathroom Tissue Holder       Obon Break Day 1. I was already on vacation1 from junior college, so my life was a lot2 easier. However, it’s different when I’m totally off3. I love working, but I will be getting refreshed for the next 2 days.     The first thing I did today was [...]

◆Itsy-bitsy Spider 3

Itsy-bitsy Spider 3       The third and last interesting thing about spiders is ・・・ "Balloon cradles1" The diameters are about 5mm.     To tell you the truth2, these were in our house until very recently f(^-^;) but they were so interesting and unusual, and moreover I wanted to see what would happen [...]