Monthly Archives: 10月 2015

◆Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015     Our Jack-o’-lanterns this year look like this :     One in the entrance hall1 and one outside. Can you see a ghost behind one? This ghost came out suddenly. Oh, it sounds spooky2, doesn’t it?     To tell the truth, Will made a mistake while we was carving3 the [...]

◆A Treat for Tonight!

A Treat for Tonight!     Ta da! Tonight we had a fun treat1!              After dinner, "somebody" in our family said "I want to eat something sweet." and that somebody made these beautiful roses quickly while I was teaching the last class of the day.     Who made it? [...]

◆My Schedule Book for 2016

My Schedule Book for 2016     Already at stationary stores1, they’ve started to display date books2 for 2016.     I bet3 many people have features4 that they care about5 in a date book.  In my case, I like the DELFONICS one, and I’ve stayed with it for the last 5 years.     [...]