Monthly Archives: 10月 2012


Halloween       Our proparation for Halloween actually starts way1 early. It’s in June when Will puts the  pumpkin seeds in water. After soaking the seeds in water2 for 1 or 2 days, they are moved into dirt3 in a pot. After sprouting, they are planted in the soil4.      THEN, a long [...]

◆Necessity is the mother of invention!

Necessity is the mother of invention!       The other day when we went to a food fair held in a park downtown, there were some high school students who had their own booths in one area. Some were selling some plants which they had grown. Some were selling some food products they had [...]

◆Fall Is Starting!

Fall Is Starting !       Yaburan, Liriope muscari, is one of my favorite plants, and right now they are blooming everywhere. They have very cute teeny tiny1 purple flowers on a stick and the color combination is fascinating — especially the one with variegated2 leaves attracts me with the color scheme of green, [...]