Monthly Archives: 5月 2016

◆Speaking of Cutting Trees

Speaking of1 Cutting Trees           In the last blog, I talked about our tree cutting project, but this time I’ll show you an interesting tree cutting story! It is about trees at the house in Seattle — to be correct2, on Whidbey Island.     We knew that there were several [...]

◆Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting           Maybe, because of this nice weather, we have some projects every weekend. This weekend, I cut our eucalyptus tree. Well, it’s more like clipped1 the branches2.             The big orangish cicada3 on the ladder4 is me, and you can see how many branches were [...]

◆Fun Shopping!

Fun Shopping!           We like visiting thrift stores1. It’s fun to find nice things, especially for2 a good price. It’s almost like a treasure hunt3!         This weekend, I found these! Recently, I’m trying not to add more stuff4 to our life, but Will said "Why don’t you [...]