Monthly Archives: 9月 2015

◆A Fresh Delivery from the U.S.

A Fresh Delivery from the U.S.!                   Do you remember seeing this package somewhere? I think I talked about this in my blog a couple of times in the past1.      Yes!! Our friend came from the states2 again with them. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My favorite cinnamon [...]

◆Another House Project – Fall, 2015

Another House Project – Fall, 2015       This time, during the "Silver Week" holidays, I worked on1 our kitchen wall. We had a very industrial-looking2 kitchen wall around the cooker3. We, especially Will, had been hoping to do something with that for a long time.       Recently, to keep my airplane [...]

◆That was Miki-chan!

That Was Miki-chan!       Do you remember that Will was excited to see a stork1 for the first time in his life? You can follow the story in our blog 2 issues ago. It was about the stork that Will and his friend saw near here.     Just recently, she was on [...]