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◆My Wimbledon

  My Wimbledon     This year’s Wimbledon was over last Sunday. Rodger Federer, my favorite player, became the champion again, breaking the record1 by getting the title 8 times.     I started watching Wimbledon on TV 7 years ago. That’s when I first noticed2 that NHK shows the matches on TV. After watching [...]

◆Will’s vacation

  Will’s Vacation (by Will)     This spring, I had a great vacation in the US. My kid is living there and going to school, and lives with a very dear friend of mine and his wife. While I was there, on the mornings when my kid was at school, Tim took me out [...]

◆He Came Back with These!

  He Came Back with These!     Will took some time off1 and went back to the states2 for a while, and he finally came back recently. During that time, I lived with my cat and dog. When I walked our dog, people asked me, "Did Will-san go home?" "I heard Will-san went home. [...]

◆Cat Day

Cat Day     February, 22 is Cat Day. We can read the date in Japanese as Nyan Nyan Nyan, and that’s what a cat says. Well, then, this is my chance to talk about my cat.     She showed up on this blog in January and February, 2015. It’s been a while.    [...]

◆Belated Xmas Present!

Belated Xmas Present!     Yippee! I got it. I got it. Finally, Santa Clause brought my present to me!             Last year, before Christmas, Will asked me what I wanted for Xmas. When there is something I need, I usually wait for Xmas or my birthday to get it. That [...]