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◆Cat Day

Cat Day     February, 22 is Cat Day. We can read the date in Japanese as Nyan Nyan Nyan, and that’s what a cat says. Well, then, this is my chance to talk about my cat.     She showed up on this blog in January and February, 2015. It’s been a while.    [...]

◆Belated Xmas Present!

Belated Xmas Present!     Yippee! I got it. I got it. Finally, Santa Clause brought my present to me!             Last year, before Christmas, Will asked me what I wanted for Xmas. When there is something I need, I usually wait for Xmas or my birthday to get it. That [...]

◆Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas!       Are you having a nice Christmas time? Last time, I made a pre-christmas report, but this time I’ll show you around our Xmas decorations. You can see Will’s dedication1 to our Christmas.           The metal figures which he started  decorating the entrance hall2 with 3 years ago were [...]

◆’Tis the Season!

‘Tis1 the Season!       Soon after Will put up2 our Christmas tree, the first person(?) who enjoyed the tree was, of course, our feline3 daughter. Every year, Tasha gets excited about the tree. She sits on the branches as if she were4 the Cheshire Cat in "Alice in Wonderland".         Maybe [...]

◆Our Halloween

Our Halloween       Well, despite1 our worry, our pumpkin made it2 to this time and we made a Jack-o’-lantern!       When Will carved a scary face on a pumpkin a few years ago, it scared some kids too much (I’m sure we were really successful scaring the spirits away3 — and [...]