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◆Horse or Hippo?

Horse or Hippo?                      Last Sunday, I took a Spanish exam. Before the exam, I had to pound a lot of Spanish words into my head1. Since I don’t have a good memory now, unless2 the new words have something in common3 with English or French, [...]


Ampersand    Did you know? The sign & has a name . I got to know1 that recently, and so did Will2. (To be correct3, Will was first.)  Recently, it seems that Will bumped into4 this topic somehow, and he was talking about it in the car. I went "Wow!."   That symbol’s name is ampersand.  [...]

◆Hospital Experience in Modern Times

Hospital Experience in Modern Times     Will went through1 an operation on his shoulder 3 weeks ago. No, please don’t worry! Unlike our experience with his lymphoma2 17 years ago (which threatened his life), this was a repair job that really didn’t worry us. (… but sorry, it kept me from3 catching up on4 [...]

◆A Fresh Delivery from the U.S.

A Fresh Delivery from the U.S.!                   Do you remember seeing this package somewhere? I think I talked about this in my blog a couple of times in the past1.      Yes!! Our friend came from the states2 again with them. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My favorite cinnamon [...]

◆Something Special

Something Special        "Pocky" is a snack that everybody grows up with in Japan. When I went on school trips1, I used to have it in my back pack.      Recently Is there an upgraded Pocky? Just a week ago, a student told me that one of the department stores downtown is [...]