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◆Hospital Experience in Modern Times

Hospital Experience in Modern Times     Will went through1 an operation on his shoulder 3 weeks ago. No, please don’t worry! Unlike our experience with his lymphoma2 17 years ago (which threatened his life), this was a repair job that really didn’t worry us. (… but sorry, it kept me from3 catching up on4 [...]

◆A Fresh Delivery from the U.S.

A Fresh Delivery from the U.S.!                   Do you remember seeing this package somewhere? I think I talked about this in my blog a couple of times in the past1.      Yes!! Our friend came from the states2 again with them. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My favorite cinnamon [...]

◆Something Special

Something Special        "Pocky" is a snack that everybody grows up with in Japan. When I went on school trips1, I used to have it in my back pack.      Recently Is there an upgraded Pocky? Just a week ago, a student told me that one of the department stores downtown is [...]

◆My Japan Week

My Japan Week              This week, suddenly I had many chances to enjoy some Japanese culture.      Will and I visited my mom on Wednesday, which was a national holiday. When we entered the living room, what caught my eyes first was some pretty paper work which my mom had [...]

◆Our Favorite

Our Favorite                               Mouthwatering1, aren’t they?        This weekend, I baked cinnamon rolls. I haven’t made them for a long long time. ( To tell the truth2, far from3 making cinnamon rolls, I sometimes can’t fix4 dinner properly. /(^-^;)  )     The last time we had cinnamon rolls was when [...]