Monthly Archives: 9月 2016


Repdigits1       I got a lucky number!!        On Saturday, after my long working day, I had no energy to cook. Since I finished my day with outside classes, I decided to drop by2 the co-op3 on my way home.     I picked up4 a pack of sushi, some potato [...]

◆Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival       Every year, we go and enjoy the Jazz Festival. One reason we love the Jazz Festival is we love music (Will sings and recently started to play bass1 guitar, and I play the tenor sax), and another reason is our friend’s band plays in the festival every year. And it’s [...]

◆Pumpkin 2016

Pumpkin 2016       Yesterday morning, we picked our pumpkin and got it up the hill to the house with the help of our friend’s family and a very nice man who just happened to be passing by1 with his dogs.       Of course, usually, we push the harvesting2 time to as [...]