Monthly Archives: 1月 2012

My Discovery

My Discovery      The other day, thanks to my friend, I had a chance to drop in to1 an interior shop which I had never been before. There, in that shop, I fell in love with something at  first sight2.    Since Will and I both love wood crafts3 and on that day I [...]

Handmade Double Pane Windows

Handmade Double Pane Windows       Ta-da !!!                                     Ta-da !!!                                                            After years of suffering from1 the coldness of winter in this house, I finally created something to solve this problem !     These are not just photos of windows—These are my handmade double pane windows.     Thanks [...]

Our New Year’s Events

Our New Year’s Events                 Our greetings for lots of       hopes and smiles in 2012 !          We hope this year will bring                  us a brighter year.                           How did you spend your New Year holidays? In our case, we visited my folks1 and had traditional New Year’s dishes2 together, [...]