Monthly Archives: 7月 2015

◆Summer Fighter

Summer Fighter        How are you doing in this scorching1 heat? A sweltering2 summer is typical weather in Asia, but this skyrocketing3 temperature is really unusual. That’s what’s really scary.      To keep myself strong to live through4 the summer, I occasionally5 try to eat beef which has a lot of vitamin [...]

◆Summer Vegetables

Summer Vegetables from Our Garden            What are they? — I know you are asking yourself, getting close to the photo and squinting1 your eyes.     These are called Yellow Crookneck2 Squash. Will bought the seeds3 in Seattle this spring and he planted them, and now the plants are producing the squash [...]

◆Lighting Our Life

Lighting Our Life            Finally, finally! We changed the lights in our house.      The one in the living room. It’s got a fan, and right away, because it’s hot, we started enjoying a cool1 breeze2 from our cool1 light!            The one in the bathroom.       [...]