Monthly Archives: 8月 2015

◆Something Special

Something Special        "Pocky" is a snack that everybody grows up with in Japan. When I went on school trips1, I used to have it in my back pack.      Recently Is there an upgraded Pocky? Just a week ago, a student told me that one of the department stores downtown is [...]

◆A Stork Appears!

A Stork Appears!        Surprisingly, on the same day when people were talking excitedly on TV about the International Space Station successfully catching the Japanese cargo1 ship "Konotori", "White Stork", we were also talking excitedly about the stork that Will saw — on the same day! — for the first time in his [...]

◆Another House Project

Another House Project        When we are on vacation1, we always have some house project. Especially when it’s Obon, we usually have relatively a big one.       2 years ago, we changed the kitchen floor. We put floor tiles and made a black and white diamond pattern. (You can read our [...]