Monthly Archives: 11月 2013

◆Autumn in town

Autumn in town      Burning red …      … and golden yellow against the blue sky.           In town, the scenes are changing every day. The leaves of trees which will all fall off1 in a couple of weeks are really showing their last moment art show.     [...]

◆Winter Birds 2

Winter Birds 2 (written by Will)      Did you know we have 4 Crows1 in Sendai?     Two of them you see every day. The Jungle Crow and the Carrion Crow. Maybe I’ll talk about the difference between them some other time2.     This time I want to talk about their cousins [...]

◆Winter Birds

Winter Birds (written by Will)      This is a great time for birding. We just finished the wader migration1, which happens in the fall, and now it’s time for the winter birds to come to Sendai.     The ducks and swans start coming in2 now (we saw the first swans at Onuma a couple [...]