Monthly Archives: 10月 2014

◆Are you ready for Halloween?

Are you ready for Halloween?           Tomorrow is the day when the dead1 return. Oooo!!!     In the ancient2 Celtic custom, November 1 was the start of the new year, and October 31 was the new year’s eve3, which was called All Hallow’s Eve.( On the European calendar, you sometimes [...]

◆Plant healing!

Plant Healing!      I know this is not a great season to buy flowers because their life will be short, so I have quite a dilemma1 when I see some plants that I like at a store — I want them, but I think I shouldn’t buy them now.     However, at the [...]

◆Handcrafts Fair and Reunion

Handcrafts Fair and Reunion      At the same time1 as last year, Will and I visited this fair. It was again  held on the same street downtown2, so we went and enjoyed seeing a lot of fun and interesting artwork.     It was fun to see all  kinds of arts and crafts3 — [...]