Monthly Archives: 3月 2012

Trip to Seattle 2

Trip to Seattle 2       We went to the beach to take a walk, which is just a 10-minute walk1 from our house. Will’s family used to live in Seattle, but now they live on one of the islands around Seattle. I didn’t know that before, but the Seattle and Vancouver area has [...]

Trip to Seattle 1

Trip to Seattle 1       Leaving our dog to the housesitter, we came over to Seattle, where Will is from. We’ve been trying to pay a yearly visit to1 his folks2 for the last 12 years except last year. For us, this is a very special event of the year — a family [...]

A Sign of Spring

A Sign of Spring       When we take our dog for a walk, we try to get some green leaves for our Ginea pig1, Charlie. Recently it’s getting easier to find some "fresh vegetables" for him after January and February when there was nothing.    For this purpose, we have to keep looking [...]

Swan Report from Hirose River 3

Swan Report from Hirose River 3      Well, even though it’s been a long cold winter, swans know that spring is on its way1. The number of swans on the Hirose River is getting smaller2 now. The light which reflects on the surface of the river is getting brighter, too.      Now, even [...]

White Day

White Day       Before having White Day, some nice smell was coming out of the kitchen of our house. And what came out of the kitchen was ・・・       star-shaped cupcakes with icing on top!!!      Who do you think made these?   ・・・Uh-uh, not me.     Can you think of1 [...]