Monthly Archives: 6月 2014

◆The Sazae-san Shaped Sponge Cake from Nagoya

The Sazae-san Shaped Sponge Cake from Nagoya              What a fun treat!   One of my students, who went to Nagoya recently, showed up to1 her class with this cute souvenir2. (Why does it say "Limited in Nagoya"? Because they use eggs from Nagoya Kochin, a special kind of Chicken in [...]

◆The World Cup!

The World Cup!    Soccer was not that big in me a long time ago, but since I met Will, I have become a soccer fan, too. Even if Japan is not on, I watch games if they are exciting. Unfortunately, it isn’t looking good for Japan right now, I’m hoping for a miracle!   [...]

◆These Cracked Me Up!

These cracked me up!    You know, sometimes we bump into1 something that we go "What?"2 Look at this ….             What??? Do you get this?   I saw this sign the other day when I went to the lady’s room3 in a certain supermarket. Right in front of me, there was this sign [...]