Monthly Archives: 1月 2015

◆Would you ride a cheese?

Would you ride a cheese?       I ride a bike to work outside all year round1. Rainy days or snowy days don’t matter( I have raingear2!). ( Because I’m a bike person, even when I’m walking downtown and I have to wait at the crosswalk3, I unconsciously4 stand in front of the bike [...]

◆Good Ichigo Day

Good Ichigo Day?       Today, it was January 15. I didn’t know this before, but since the numbers go 1 15, today is said to be1 Good Strawberry Day! (The number 1 can be read [ee] in Japanese, meaning "good", and the number 15 can be read [ichi go] meaning "strawberry".)     [...]

◆Big Bird Day

Big Bird Day (written by Will)       This vacation, it was time for Big Bird Day 2015. Big Bird Day is when I and my friend try to see as many bird species1 as we can in a 24-hour2 period. Our biggest total – several years ago – was 82.       We [...]