Monthly Archives: 2月 2013

◆Bird Report 2

Bird Report 2                               3 days ago, when Will came back from a dog walk in the morning, he showed me this photo of a red spotted woodpecker.      Right behind our house, water runs1 in a canal. Along that canal, there are trees, stretching their branches2 above the water. On one [...]

◆Our Favorite

Our Favorite                               Mouthwatering1, aren’t they?        This weekend, I baked cinnamon rolls. I haven’t made them for a long long time. ( To tell the truth2, far from3 making cinnamon rolls, I sometimes can’t fix4 dinner properly. /(^-^;)  )     The last time we had cinnamon rolls was when [...]

◆Bird Report 1

Bird Report 1                               Do you remember that two blogs ago, I mentioned about Will’s camera? Here are some of the bird photos he took with his new gadget1.     Oh my, oh my! …sigh… I can’t talk. Isn’t she cute? Will said, "why did you write ‘she’?" When something is cute, [...]