Monthly Archives: 4月 2016

◆The Birthday Present in Advance!

The Birthday Present in Advance1!           Recently, I had my birthday. This year, I got a saxophone strap! There is a story…        I bought this present 3 weeks before my birthday, by myself, and even started using it f(^-^;), but all with Will’s permission2!           [...]


Yummy!          I kept this photo for a while to put up1 on our blog. (Oopsy2, on MY blog, maybe? … ’cause I’m the one who always write.(^◆^)ゞ) Anyway, since they were in nice spring colors, and before it’s too late, I’ll use this cookie photo this time!         [...]

◆The Fox Village

The Fox Village     I heard about a fox village from two of my students a while ago1. This Sunday, we planned to have a family outing2, and our family and my mom visited the Fox Village and Shiroishi Castle.            I have never seen foxes this close, so it [...]


◆新年度のスケジュールをアップしました◆                        4月に入りました。新緑が美しい季節ですね!   わたくしたちの最新の空き時間状況をアップしましたので、「menu」の「プライベート・セミプライベート」の項目から「レッスン時間の空き状況」をご確認ください。   なお、在籍の方々も5月初めぐらいまでは時間を動かしたりする場合がございます。現在表示している以外に、空き時間が出来る可能性もありますので、気兼ねなくお問い合わせください。       Will & Rie