Monthly Archives: 11月 2012

◆Apple Picking(2)

Apple Picking(2)         At this year’s apple picking, there was a fun surprise! To make a long tale1 short, just recently we happened to know that our student’s sister is married to the brother our apple farmer!! When we all got to know2 this, everybody had goose bumps3 because there are many [...]

◆Apple Picking(1)

Apple Picking(1)               What we do EVERY YEAR at this time is go to the apple orchard1 and enjoy apple picking. Don’t they look delicious?     We started going apple picking 7 years ago when one of Will’s students told us about the "apple tree owner" system. That [...]

◆Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Killing Two Birds with One Stone       Look at what I got from a certain1 cosmetic company !      The other day I came home and found a package which had my name on it as the recipient2. It’s always fun and exciting3 to open something that was sent to you, isn’t [...]