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◆We Went to a Jazz Live Performance!

  We Went to a Jazz Live Performance1!         Just a week ago, on the evening of2 the 4th we went out to enjoy jazz in a café. We really had a wonderful time! There were 4 instruments3 : Sax(Sachiyo Nayuki), Trumpet(Kunihiro Kikuta), Bass4(Yuta Omino), Piano(Junko Enami). You must think "A trumpet in a [...]

◆The Answer to the New Year’s Riddle

  The Answer to Our New Year’s Riddle                       Happy New Year 2024!     Now here is the answer to our New Year’s riddle : What does a house wear?       The answer is a(d) dress (= address)       Did you get [...]

The Time Has Come…

  The Time Has Come…          The Halloween season has come again!   As you know, Will grows pumkins to carve1 Jack-o’-lanterns, so our prep2 started in May. When they were planted in the field after making them sprout3 inside the house, they looked like this. This is our start.     [...]

My First Jazz Festival

  My First Jazz Festival          When we got married, in our apartment we had a poster of the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival poster on the wall. The very left one in the photo — a gray silhouette1 of a jazz man playing the piano against a white background with the title [...]

A Roady

  A Roady!  (by Will)     I always wanted to be a roady.  A roady is a person who travels with a rock band and does all the physical1 work that’s necessary to put on a music show. They drive the busses and carry the equipment2, hang the lights and set up the stage. [...]