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A Roady

  A Roady!  (by Will)     I always wanted to be a roady.  A roady is a person who travels with a rock band and does all the physical1 work that’s necessary to put on a music show. They drive the busses and carry the equipment2, hang the lights and set up the stage. [...]

My Saxophone Life

  My Saxophone Life          It has been exactly 16 years at the end of this month since I started learning tenor sax. The first encounter1 with the saxophone was when I went to a live performance by Sadao Watanabe when I was a high school student. I was fascinated2 by him [...]

The Answer to the New Year’s Riddle

  The Answer to the New Year’s Riddle1         Happy New Year!!       Here is the answer to2 the riddle on our New Year’s Card : What kind of room has no walls, no windows and no doors?   a mushroom!!     Did you get it right? Some cards [...]

At the End of the Year!

  At the End of the Year          Now it is the night of New Year’s Eve1. Are you finally enjoying a relaxing time? I hope you are. (So I hope you are reading this after New Year’s Eve!)     I’m finally relaxing in the living room with Will. In December, [...]

It’s Halloween, Finally!

  It’s Halloween, Finally! (by Will)        Happy Halloween!   My long pumpkin project is finally done.   The whole project starts around Golden Week when the seeds are planted in pots, inside. It finishes when we put the carved1 jack-o’-lanterns2 outside a few days before Halloween. That’s a long time!   There [...]