It’s Freezing, Isn’t It!


It’s Freezing, Isn’t It?


  Hello, everyone! It’s really cold these days. I feel as if we live in the freezer! We shoveled the snow on the street several times, still take plants inside the entrance and I close the drain valve1 every night.



  People feel it’s too cold to live, but there are some species2 of creatures who don’t care about this climate3 — winter birds, including swans! Even on the coldest day, they swim around the river. Amazing! Here they are!









  These thoughts have changed the way I see the world around us so now I can enjoy this cold weather.



  On the kitchen window, there was an art work. An arabesque pattern showed up at night. We can enjoy it only when it is super cold. Actually, when I was a kid, I used to see it on the bathroom window in the winter. (The winter in Sendai have gotten milder because of global warming4. ) 






  Outside of our living room, birds were coming to the birder feeder, and we quietly enjoyed watching them. And also we found the red berries of Nanten trees looking nice in the snow.





 (but it’s hard to see them in this photo)



  A student of mine made a snow ball and a snowman and gave them to me!












  And even when I went to work at college on that snowy day, I enjoyed my achievement5 of getting to work on time! I usually feel going to work is just a routine6. A normal boring thing can be a bit special! lol


  It’s fun to experience something different!



1 drain valve : 水抜き栓
species : 種(類)
3 climate : 陽気・気候
global warming : 地球温暖化












 人間は生活するには寒すぎると感じていますが、この気候を気にしない生き物も — 白鳥を含む水鳥!最低気温を更新するような日でも、白鳥たちは川を泳ぎ回っています。スゴイですね!この通り!


















































































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