A Roady


A Roady!  (by Will)


  I always wanted to be a roady.
 A roady is a person who travels with a rock band and does all the physical1 work that’s necessary to put on a music show. They drive the busses and carry the equipment2, hang the lights and set up the stage. AND they get to3 hang out with4 the band, and party party party! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to be a roady for the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?!?

  I finally got my wish. I had a chance to experience being a roady for Rie’s band when they played in Matsushima!
I got up early and washed the band car (because our car was dirty… lol), I loaded Rie’s instrument5 and stuff6, I drove the band car and picked up a band member and loaded her stuff and drove to Matsushima. At the gathering spot in Matsushima, I loaded more stuff in the car and then I drove to the performance venue7 and unloaded all the equipment and drove the car to the parking place and then walked back to the stage!

   For other performance days, I become a cameraman for the band. My job is to make sure all the members of the band are in the shot, then push the start button. I push the stop button at the end of the performance And sometimes I have to hold an umbrella over the camera for the whole performance and sometimes I have to hold the tripod so it doesn’t get knocked over8 in a gust9
  I wonder if there are still some more tasks I have to learn to be a roady? The life of a roady is harder than I thought.
  Now the band is going to play at the Jazz Festival on September 10. I’m up10 to be a roady again!
  *Hi, it’s Rie. Yes! Very luckily we got a chance to play at the Jazz Festival. We, a big band of 27 members, will play at 16:00-16:30 at Ohanami Hiroba in Nishi Koen. If you have time, please come and enjoy our music!
1 physicl : 肉体的な
equipment : 装備・備品
◆3 get to do : ~するようになる
◆4 hand out with ~ : ~とつるむ・付き合う
5 instrument = musical instrument
6 stuff = things
7 venue = place
8 knock over ~ : ~を倒す
9 gust :突風
10 up = ready










バンド用車両を洗い((うちの車のこと! )それはうちの車が汚かったから…笑)、Rieの楽器と荷物を積み、バンド車両を運転してバンドのメンバーを拾い、荷物を載せ松島へ。集合場所で更に荷物を載せ演奏会場へ。そしてすべての荷物を降ろして、駐車場へ車を止めて、またステージに徒歩で戻る。










































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