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The Crows

  The Crows (by Will)          I have been feeding my crows in front of my house for more than a year. I have been watching them and have learned a lot about their lives. They have their nest at about 3/4 of the way up the big tower near my house. [...]

The Equol Test

  The Equol Test          I had been thinking1 about checking it for a long time, and finally I bought this test kit and did it —  the SOY CHECK.  A Long long time ago, like 10 years(?), a student was telling me about it. At last I took action2!     [...]

It’s Freezing, Isn’t It!

  It’s Freezing, Isn’t It?          Hello, everyone! It’s really cold these days. I feel as if we live in the freezer! We shoveled the snow on the street several times, still take plants inside the entrance and I close the drain valve1 every night.       People feel it’s too [...]

Some Cute Things in Our Life

  Some Cute Things in Our Life          It is already mid-December1. Time flies!   I’m sure everybody feels hectic2, thinking that we have to do this and that before the end of the year.     In this hectic time of the year, the other day I bumped into3 a very [...]

Thank You Again Super Food!

  Thank You Again Super Food!          In the summer, we always have one item sitting in the freezer. Do you remember that I talked about it last summer? (See my blog on August 22 & September 21, 2021.) Yes! My super food for summer —  Gari Gari Kun!     This [...]