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◆A Surprise from My Cousin

  A Surprise from My Cousin     Recently I got a belated1 Xmas present (that’s what she called it — I would love it whatever2 the occasion!) from my cousin. A very thoughful3 present — 2 music CDs! One is Jazz and the other one is Bossa Nova.          She was [...]

◆Enjoying Life Inside

  Enjoying Life Inside     In the cold winter we have to find something we can enjoy inside the house. Now we sometimes hear "Hygge" in Danish1, meaning a nice and comfortable atmosphere or time.      My life is a bit far from2 that kind of life, but my hygge is…   taking [...]

Getting Close to the End of the Year

  Getting Close to the End of the Year                                                                           Time flies so quickly. We are already at the end of the year. On the first weekend of December we put out our Christmas Tree in the living [...]

I Did a Lot in November

  I Did a Lot in November          Uploading the 2nd blog of this month in the last minute1.     This month I had a frantic2 strain3 of music events after taking the French exam. (See the former blog.) The lack4 of my free time because of the test had quite [...]

Catching Up The Blog…

  Catching Up The Blog…          Sorry it took time to upload my blog! November was quite an eventful month for me. Whew!     It started with my French exam. That was DELF, one of the European standard language exams called CEFR. Having a language learning period by taking a test [...]