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My Past French Teachers and a Fun Project with the Present One

  My Past French Teachers and a Fun Project with the present one        I have been taking a private French lesson from exchange students at Tohoku University for a long time, maybe more than 15 years? I don’t need a real "teacher". If they are sincere1 and teach me how they speak [...]

Crystal Candy

  Treats              Recently, I have been making Crystal Candy* after a 2-year break1. (You can see my blog dated February 18, 2020.) I wanted to do something that I feel happy about and at the same time2 can make other people happy, especially in this gloomy3 period. I’m sure that [...]

Treasure Hunting at a Thrift Store!

  Treasure Hunting1 at a thrift store!         I like to pop in to2 thrift stores3 for fun, just without any purpose. If I have time and energy, it’s fun to look around the store to see if something grabs4 me.     Last Sunday, on the way back from our grocery [...]

Our Thanksgiving

  Our Thanksgiving       In the states1, the 4th Thursday of November is Thanksgiving. Originally a harvest festival, now families get together and have a big meal. The traditional food is turkey and stuffing2 (bread and spices put inside the turkey).     (When I was first invited to a Thanksgiving party, I [...]

Speaking of Yellow

/\ Speaking of1 Yellow       This time I would like to tell three small stories, and they all involve yellow.     The first yellow story is …     The other day I had a tiny cute yellow visitor in my room. I don’t see yellow ones so often. Isn’t it cute? [...]