The Swan


The Swan


  It’s still hot, but tomorrow the calendar will say September. For sure, toward the end of September gradually1 the temperature will go down and the air will be a bit drier. That will be a relief2!


  Do you remember the swan in the Hirose River which I talked about in the blog at the end of June? She made it to3 this point! Day after day4, we had super hot days and I’m sure it was not easy for her. (It could be "he"
, but I’ll use "she".)

  Of course, not only our swan but other birds on the Hirose River — or even any living creature who survive
this scorching heat5 as well6 — I really admire7 them. Unlike people, they stay outside all the time in this heat without airconditioners! Can you imagine? Everytime I see them outside, I feel so sorry.
  Anyway, I would like to tell her, "You are over the hump8! And your life will get more comfortable9 now."

  … and just 2 more months! It’s just 2 more months and you’ll see your friends!
*My apologies for not posting for almost 2 months. My life was really crazy, making exams for schools and grading. I hope I can get back to my regular blog writing!


1 gradually : 肉体的な
2 a relief : 安堵
◆3 make it to 名詞: ~までやって来る
◆4 day after day : 来る日も来る日も
5 scorching heat : 焼け付く暑さ
6 not only but ~ as well = not only but also
7 admire : (~)に敬服する
8 over the hump : 難関を脱する
9 comfortable : 発音注意!












 6月末のブログでお話しした白鳥を覚えていますか?ここまでずっと頑張ってくれましたよ。来る日も来る日も猛暑の日々で、大変だったと思いますが。(オスかもしれませんが、とりあえず "she" でお話しします。)





























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